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Olymp Trade Status and Trader's Way: How to Get Up to 92% Profit

James Hutson
James Hutson
Last Updated on September 24, 2021

Did you know that you can make up to 92% profit at Olymp Trade? You can even trade risk-free and consult with a personal analyst.

Yes, and that has everything to do with the status of your account. So, whether you're just starting out at Olymp Trade and still don't understand what account status and experience points (XP) are all about, or you're someone who already uses Olymp Trade and wants to know how to earn more XP and get to "Expert" faster, you are in the right place.

In this detailed guide, we cover everything you need to know about Olymp Trade account status and the Trader's Way.

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What is the status of the account

The status of the account is similar to a customer loyalty program. You get XP for completing daily operations and tasks.

Using these, you can raise your status from "Starter" to "Advanced" and then to "Expert". Expert is the highest level and brings the highest rewards and profits.

Here are more details about the different statuses.

Olymp Trade Statuses Trader Way

Types of account status (and their privileges)

There are 3 main classes of accounts:

  • Starter Account
  • Advanced account
  • Expert account

Let's talk a little more in detail about each one.

Starter account

This is the most basic of the accounts you get when making a deposit of less than $ 500.

  • The basic account gives you the following benefits:
  • You can get up to 82% profit.
  • Withdrawals take up to 2 days to process.
  • The maximum amount of trades is limited to $ 3,000 for fixed trades (FT) and $ 2,000 for forex (FX).
  • You have access to trading signals, 10 open positions and 10 indicators.
  • Availability of educational material including tutorial videos, articles, etc.

But keep in mind that trading signals are limited. Also, 10 open positions and 10 indicators are the minimum you get. That, without forgetting that the commission for each operation in a basic account is the highest, being located at 15%.

Oh, and you miss out on many other things like having the assistance of a personal analyst, integrated strategies, risk-free operations, etc.

So if you are a serious trader and you use Olymp Trade almost daily, moving up to “Advanced” and then “Expert” should be an important goal.

More on these accounts, below.

Advanced account

To upgrade from "Starter" to "Advanced", you need 19,800 XP. But if you don't want to waste all that time accumulating XP and are looking for a faster and easier way to get an “Advanced” account, deposit any amount between $ 500 and $ 1,999.

Here's why the “Advanced” account is worth as much as the money:

  • Your earnings increase to 85% instead of 82%.
  • Monthly, you receive advice, suggestions, forecasts, etc. of a personal analyst.
  • You improve your skills with integrated strategies: 7 in FTT and 5 in forex.
  • You have access to a weekly private webinar.
  • Withdrawals only take 24 hours, instead of 2 days, to process.
  • In forex, you receive up to a 10% discount on the commission for opening positions.
  • You invest more, because you have a limit of $ 4,000 in fixed operations and $ 3,000 in forex.
  • You can have up to 20 open positions simultaneously.
  • You access basic trading signals and indicators (11).
  • Commissions per operation are reduced to 13.5%.
  • You can protect yourself from big losses with the stop loss function.

Note: The stop loss function automatically closes a trade once it falls below the set point.

If you thought that was impressive enough, the "Expert" account only sweetens the deal even more.

Expert account

To upgrade from “Advanced” to “Expert”, you need 99,000 XP and to maintain it, 160,000. It seems pretty overwhelming, doesn't it?

Well, it doesn't have to be. To move up quickly or go straight from “Starter” to “Expert”, all it takes is a deposit of $ 2,000, or more, and you will have access to a completely different level of trading, with almost all the privileges that Olymp Trade can offer.

This is what I'm talking about:

  • You will get profit of up to 92%.
  • You will not lose a penny trading by being able to perform operations without risk.
  • The commissions per operation are the lowest (12%) and, consequently, you increase your profits.
  • You do not need to wait days for withdrawals, as they are processed in a matter of hours.
  • You get higher profits with trades whose limits are up to $ 5,000 in FT and $ 4,000 in FX.
  • You keep losses to a minimum with the stop loss feature for forex trading.
  • You have access to basic and private trading signals to get a better perspective on the market.
  • To that, we must add the 4 monthly consultations with an analyst.
  • More integrated strategies: 15 FTT strategies and 12 forex strategies.
  • You have access to 3 private webinars every week.
  • You can improve your skills with private trading sessions.
  • You get up to 3 advisor recommendations and 14 indicators.
  • Open positions increase to 30 for fixed positions (FT).

In case you are confused about why you need to have XP to maintain “Advanced” or “Expert” status, it is because your account may be downgraded after 30 days.

Another thing you can do to avoid losing the status of the account is to make another deposit with the minimum amount required, that is, $ 2,000 for the “Expert” status.

This brings me to the next point: what are these experience points (XP) and how to earn them?

What is XP (and how to earn it)

Experience Points (XP) are rewards you get for performing trades. The more you trade, the more XP you will earn.

Although it should be noted that XP are higher for profitable trades than for trades at a loss or those with a result of 0, that is, without losses or profits (yes, experience points are also gained on losses, so there is always something to look forward to).

The amount of the trade also affects the XP that is earned. The more you invest, the more XP you will earn. For example, a trade for $ 1,000 will give you more XP than one for $ 500.

Another way to earn experience points is by completing daily tasks. You have 3 daily tasks and each one gives you between 400 and 800 XP, or more.Hence, even when you are not trading, you can earn experience points to maintain the status of your account.

Don't forget that these tasks are renewed daily, so you only have 24 hours to complete them.

What is the Trader's Way

Trader's Way is a reward system that you earn as you accumulate experience points through daily operations and tasks, and progress your journey from “Starter” to “Advanced”, and finally to “Expert”.

There are 12 levels from "Starter" to "Advanced" and in each one, you win something exciting. For example, to earn 50 XP, you will have a “Moving Average” strategy advisor that tracks trading signals and tells you when is the best time to open a trade.

Similarly, at level 11, you can get help from experts, consulting a personal analyst. Other rewards include access to stop loss, deposit bonuses, status permanence for another 30 days, etc.

But my favorite reward is risk-free trading.This allows you to trade big for bigger profits, as any lost amounts are instantly compensated.

And these rewards only increase and improve as your status progresses.

Trader's Way levels are automatically renewed upon leveling up or after 30 days. In case of not being able to complete all the levels, you will be demoted.

Final thoughts

Well, here is everything you need to know about the account status and the Trader's Way at Olymp Trade. It's simple: the more you trade, the better the status, and the better the status, the higher the profits. That is why I say that achieving and maintaining “Expert” status can be a game changer for serious traders.

If you don't have an account yet because you're a beginner and you're worried about losing money, no problem. OT provides you with a demo account with $ 10,000 to learn and test both the OT platform and your trading skills. Even though you cannot withdraw them, you can recharge them at any time and learn for as long as you want.

If you already have an account that you use to trade, it's time to win big and get the most out of OT, and your investment, with an “Expert” account. And the easiest way to do it is by making the minimum deposit. So what's stopping you?

If you have any questions about the account status or Olymp Trade's Trader's Way, please let me know in the comments below or on the contact page.

Until then, and operate safely.

Olymp Trade account status FAQ

How to know how many XP I have

En la página de la plataforma, pulsa en el icono del perfil, ubicado en la parte superior derecha de la pantalla. Ahí podrás ver tus XP, estatus de la cuenta, tareas diarias, Trader's Way, etc.

How to know if I received certain rewards

En la página Trader's Way está resaltado el nivel en el que te encuentras. Ahí también puedes ver las recompensas que te faltan por recibir. Para acceder a Trader's Way, pulsa en el icono del perfil y luego en XP. A la derecha, se abrirá una nueva ventana con el título Trader's Way.

Do achievements help earn XP?

No, los logros no aumentan los XP. Para agregar a tu fondo de XP, debes realizar más operaciones de mayor inversión y mayores ganancias, o completar las tareas diarias.